Criminal Case Cheats- Surviving the Game

Ever hooked by Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series? Wanted to play the cop or maybe the investigator in pursuit of the criminal? If you have been hooked with Sherlock Holmes, Lupin III or Detective Conan, then the Criminal Case game is the one for you!

The Criminal Case, known by players as CC is a game application in Facebook. It was first released on 15 November, 2012 and developed by Pretty Simple, a Europe-based  company specializing on social gaming. CC has over ten million users every month. And just a year after its release, it has been awarded by Facebook as the Game of the Year in 2013. It even beat Candy Crush as the most popular game.

What’s the buzz for this game then? Why it became so addicting to many?

In Criminal Case, the player is the detective and will find clues to catch the killers and to be able to progress in the cases presented.  It is located in the fictional world of Grimsborough and the player becomes a part of the Police  force of Grimsborough. And like any cop on the line, the player will start as a rookie and work in a team with David Jones.  When the two of you will be on the crime scene, there will be clues on hidden spots.

The players get the scores once they find the object to solve the case.  The Star you earned in every investigation will be the “currency” that you will use in other work to finish the job such as autopsies of the body of the victim, lab analysis of  evidences and interviewing witnesses.

The case gets more and more difficult as the game progresses. It is not only about objects for clues, but the rookie cop (you) will even need to talk to the witnesses and possible suspects. Evidences are brought and analyzed.

For this game not to be boring, there are different tricks for the gamers. There will be puzzle type clues for you to uncover. There is also some minimal work that you can do to break the detective work routine. You can also do some mundane yet possible way for you to learn about the suspect like checking the suspect’s clothes.

Why Criminal Case has become so popular? Reviews from gamers said this game involves a lot of graphic scenes and easy-to-follow yet intriguing narrative of each case.

And when you get hooked on a game, you don’t want to stop! But Criminal case requires Stars and Energy for the Rookie Policeman to solve the cases fast. And instead of being bored and waiting for the next day, we have complied simple criminal case cheats for you to survive the game.

1.  Go to home feed, collect as much orange juice (3 juice) and one (1) potato chip. 

2.  To gain 7-8 energy, take on the forensic kits, solve it in a minute or less! And if you’re lucky, you will be able to gain 9 energy. 

3.  To get more energy, you need to get 5 stars in one crime scene. And to maximize your energy, solve and progress in the cases faster.

4.  Get your friends to work with you.  For players who’s into the game regularly, you can request for gifts and cards. 

5. There is no limit on collecting the chips and juice so take it in order to complete your  collection of heart and spade. 

6.  Of course, you have to play the game regularly for the daily bonus. And for your rookie cop to get those meals!

7. There are apps also developed to get more energy. You can try the Free Energy Generator 

So instead of wasting some dollars, those bill they ask you to pay to gain more energy, take those criminal case cheats. It is for free and you’ll buy more time for those cases. So go now Detective and get more time on those cases to apprehend the killers! 



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Criminal Case World Case number 5 trailer


Hello, its Jeff green and we are back. It has been quite a while basically a whole week, I miss you guys, I am glad to be back inclined to be making videos about criminal case. It is always sucks when they wait a week to release them but you know they gotta do their thing.

So the new case this week is Mamma mia, Potential future Pope branded to death! Catch the killer before all hope is abandoned. So looks like he was branded with the pro media inside that’s gonna be quite interesting so the provisions are difinitely forefront of this. We got 2 more cases, we got this one from italy as you can tell from that flag and you also have Spain.  Now it’s curious because the writer ended up leaving and going straight to Spain. So I don’t think she’ll actually be a suspect in this. But we are definitely or probably see brother Clause here. We could be seeing some other people from other investigations definitely possible.

As I said before guys, I am super excited for Italy. I actually have a viewer like a long time subscriber who will be joining us who is from Italy so it’ll be kind of cool to be have her able to say the intros probably a lot better than I can. Probably doing some of the voice work help me up on this case. I look forward to recording again, it’s been a while, thank you guys for all of your patience. I appreciate all your comments down below and let me know any phrases in Italy. If you know any that I should be including in my coverage of the next case. I will play it slow one more time, so we can see. It is gonna be interesting 2 more case left in this district.



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Criminal Case Venice

Criminal Case World Case No.5 Italy , Rome and Venice


Allright folks, we are back. I wanted to let you guys know as it says by this preview our next assignment is going to be September 17th 2015. What is that mean? It means that today Thursday, we are not actually getting a new criminal case. We’re going to wait till next week so in lieu of that, I gonna see if I record some stuff for the weekend. I am preparing as you will know for the introduction of little mini ace. Little mini ace is coming down the pipeline. He will be here as supposed to be October 13th. So that’s a little bit more than a month

away so I will be working on the nursery and getting everything set up for that. So that is probably my focus this weekend.   I may do some other things, I may have my post some pictures. I may do some videos.  That’s gonna be kind of my main focus. Little update be to you guys, I had another viewer of mine that is going to be introduced onto this video or the next case and it is a Italian viewer.  So it’ll be kind of fun to see her be able to, hopefully Carmen is going to be in here so that she can kind of voice that her character.

Criminal Case Venice

So this is basically what it says there’s a briefing from the Bureau travels to Europe will resume on September 17th. Stay alert for the next victim in this ring of violent crime. Those are the preview of your next assignment. So, the preview: looks like we are in Venice. That is actually pretty cool. I’m hoping for some fantastic scenes hope you guys are to. Make comment down below, please help me out with my Italian I know it is far from great so I look forward to you guys all in the next case which will be next week!

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Criminal Case Cheat Engine – Deceiving death in Grimsborough

How to prolong your life in Grimsborough? Get the most of your speed, time and of course, unlimited energy! We already posted how you can get that much wanted energy to progress from being a rookie to a full detective.

Surviving the game is not just brawn, but it would also need more brain And that includes looking for hassle and ad-free cheats and simple hacks.

Aside from downloading the Criminal Case Cheats tool and energy generator, you can also use the full criminal case cheat engine! All at your fingertips by having a variety of choices of different versions:

1. You can choose criminal case cheat engine version 6.2 (2013).

2. You can choose the updated criminal case cheat engine version 7.4

Click install and run the application. Consider the browser you are currently using. If you are using Internet Explorer, you have to consider the program currently running and click the value you are in most need.  Whether it is the stars and for the coins, be sure to check the values indicated on the right hand corner of your playing screen.

Another way to cheat your way in the system is to download this best reviewed application Criminal Case Cheat Engine trainer! Aside from being a detective and working with David Jones as partner, it would be great to have an expert to guide you through the whole system. It is like having a personal trainer while you’re cracking your brain on a case.

Here’s how to download this wonder for the seemingly unsolvable case you’re working on:

1. Go to the Criminal Case Cheat Engine website and download the software. (Worry not, it is not a scam and it has no surveys!)

2.  Extract the Trainer on the application.

3. Open the Criminal case game in Facebook.

4. Select the player plugin available in your device. It can be the Flashplayer or if you have none of it, you can also install instantly.

5. Choose the cheat value you are most in need of: is it the help on the hidden object, the puzzle or spotting the difference on the scenes? You can also warp the time to bid longer moment in that autopsies or looking at the clues at the crime scene.

6. Once you‘re done selecting the values, take it as your personal trainer in solving the case as you will be given hints on the clues.

We already posted the different tools like the cheat engine and the unlimited energy generator but the best way to survive and progress in the game is to ask your fellow gamers to send you gifts and energies.

Cause like in real life, the only way to survive with any game is to have teamwork. So work well with your police partner and other characters in the world of Grimsborough The cases are extraordinary and this is like an introduction to Crime Scene Investigation and other detective stories we all loved.

The hacks we learn in the Criminal Case is the hacks that we can also put in real life. Cheating on the game is not bad, but it is cheating death and even getting more of your social media time.

Criminal Case game is not just any game, it is a search for the common good. And that is why it is popular. Do not make yourself left out on this game. Try our tested and easy-to-follow Crime Case Cheats and let’s have some fun solving cases!


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Criminal Case Cheats No Survey Needed!

Okay impatient detective, I bet you are on a look out for hacks that will help you cheat out with your current case in Grimsborough. Have you been stucked in the level wherein you have been cracking your head how to pass that clues but you don’t have remaining energy, then you have to start all over again on that level. Frustrating right?

Worry no more because there are available and for a bonus, Criminal Case Cheats No Survey Needed! You will not be asked to take those time-consuming and repetitive surveys!

We already put on the earlier the two most reliable Criminal Case Cheats tools and engines that will help you hack your way.

Aside from the Criminal Case Cheat Tool, there is also the Hack Tool  that can be downloaded with only few clicks. It does not require coding skills nor professional hacking technique. But there are few installation steps you will follow but this Criminal Case Cheats No Survey even needed for you to fill!

Just download the files from the website. You can only download the cheat on the  case you are working on. It is very friendly to amateurs and before you know it, you’ll be getting more professional.

And what’s the best thing? This Criminal Case Hack is up to date and also there are also customer service all day and night to help you out with your questions. Just report nay bug problems on your current mission and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

You will be getting more stars, burgers and of course the much needed energy boost.  You will be surviving the game by these simple hacks to get more  progress in your case. 

When you visit the site, you can also view this video tutorial  for the simple criminal case cheats and no survey is required.




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Criminal Case Cheats Free

I know you have always heard that cheating is bad. But in this criminal case you and your partner David Jones  are  solving, you need to apprehend the killers. And you need to solve it fast. Lest someone will be out in jail for a crime he or she didn’t do. So be a good detective and try all the maneuvers to solve the case in hand.

You will be needing a lot of Stars to conduct the autopsies for the dead body, investigation involves witness interview and laboratory analysis. These involves also a lot of energy.  And the rookie cop needs to eat also so you will be needing burgers and coins.

But the current status of the game limits you to do this. And you need even to pay (that’s how the developers roll!) for extra energy. But for the  rookie cops on Grimsborough, there are criminal case cheats free for you!

Cheating is not bad after all. You need these game cheats to help you out.  

While the game developer of Crime Case tries to stop the cheats and hackers, well there are  still ways to get that unlimited energy. Here are the foolproof criminal case cheats free for your own liking! You can get more stars, speed and to get some stoppage of time.

You can download the Criminal Case cheats free codes that you can incorporate in your home feed or you can download tools to get  unlimited energy. This tool will help you get extra coins, time and to speed up. It will also help you get some hints in finding the clue. There are hidden ones or sometimes it is even up on your face. To the clever ones, you need to solve even puzzles just to get the clue that will lead you to another clue.

That sense of excitement is one reason why there are more users getting hooked. You will feel like you are Dr. Watson to Sherlock Holmes, or be like Mike Ross legal assistant to Harvey Specter!

What to do? We check some of the unbelievable Criminal Case Cheats free and tool. This one cracked the codes in Android and iOs

There is Criminal Case Cheat tool you can download. Click the link.  After running the tool.   Here are the simple steps you can do:

1. Use your Facebook profile and choose the browser  you are using.

2. Connect it with your Facebook account. When you see the “Success!”, choose the Hacks area and choose what you want, whether its free unlimited energy or free coins.

3.  Click generate and off you go!

Or you can use this other software developed by CheatGameTools. go to their website and download the Criminal Case Cheat. Run the software and choose the device where you are playing the game (whether it is for the PC, iOs or Android). You just have to register your email. Check for updates and generate the codes for the cheats. Restart your device and have great fun!

These CC cheat tools will help you from the rookie cop to becoming one of the best Detective in Grimsborough!


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Criminal Case Cheats Energy – Get More Energy to Solve your Case

Do you have an ongoing case yet you are almost losing energy every time? Since you are still a rookie, you will be needing to stop some time and pull out some extra dollars probably to gain in order to solve the case.

There are Criminal Case  Energy Generator that you can download for free.  This generator has been reviewed by several users and it has top 5 reviews of usability and easy to follow instructions! And there are no surveys needed for you to fill!

Be warned though. Be careful of scams and other sites that will pop. There are sites that just get your information. Some will just get your contact details and more so, be careful of those that will ask for your credit card information.

Here, we will be teaching you  some simple tips to turn around the existing system of Criminal cases, the missions that are very intellectually-stimulating. This game gives you a glimpse what it is truly to be a detective.

You are tasked to uncover Hidden clues for a game that is truly  dedicated to the adults who think like detectives. You get to play as a crime buster solver but as it progresses, it will get harder.  And you will be needing a lot of energy, coins,, juice, burger and even puzzles. The challenge is finding the best tool for each item you will be needing.

Here are simple tips for a criminal case cheats energy for the cop on pursuit of justice and more cases to come: 

1. Check out the Criminal Case Cheats Energy  developed  by Pretty Simple.

2.  Check the like button for Criminal Case Cheats Energy ‘s Facebook page.

3. You will be connected to the website. Read and follow the tips.

4.   Download the values you need for the mission which is unlimited energy. You can also choose the free coins.

5. Wait for it to download fully. And once you’re ready, enjoy your unlimited energy!

Here’s an easy to follow tutorial video for the said Criminal Case Cheats Energy Generator for police officers who’s looking suspects on the loose.

Wouldn’t it be great to solve those cases without worrying for your energy?! So don’t get your unlimited energy and coins in waste. Get to solve more cases by hacking those simple codes. Who would have thought it is simple as a click and a simple run of the cheat energy generator?

Go on Detective, solve more cases and be a hero of Grimsborough!

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