Criminal Case Cheats- Surviving the Game

Ever hooked by Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) series? Wanted to play the cop or maybe the investigator in pursuit of the criminal? If you have been hooked with Sherlock Holmes, Lupin III or Detective Conan, then the Criminal Case game is the one for you!

The Criminal Case, known by players as CC is a game application in Facebook. It was first released on 15 November, 2012 and developed by Pretty Simple, a Europe-based  company specializing on … Read the rest

History of Life Is Strange: Overcoming Real Life Struggles – A Brief History

Hello and welcome to another escapade of “A brief History” Today’s escapade “Life is Strange Ready? Set, GO !!

June 2nd, 2008 former employees of game companies Criterion, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts words a “companies ” in Paris, France known as DONTNOD Entertainment and begin development on an original science fiction game called Adrift.

This designation would eventually evolve into what we know now as Remember Me, a cyberpunk act escapade game that involved a woman named … Read the rest

WARNING: SCARIEST GAME IN YEARS | Five Nights at Freddy’s – Part 1

Hi Leute. Ich bin Markiplier und willkommen bei Five Nights at Freddy’s, diesem Indie Horror-Spiel, das ihr alle empfohlen habt. Yamimiash hat’s auch gespielt und fand es wirklich gut. Deswegen bin ich echt gespannt, was hier Sache ist. Und das ist ein erschreckender, animatronischer Bär. Familiengeführte Pizzeria sucht Wachmann für die Nachtschicht.

UHR, ERSTE NACHT Uhr. Die erste Nacht. Wenn ich schon in der ersten Nacht weg will, warum sollte ich dann länger als fünf bleiben. Warum … Read the rest

BLOOD DRAGON Review – The Rageaholic

It’s a treacherous ascending to the apex of’ Retro Ridge ‘, and if you’ll revel my analytical line-up, I’ve noted the public’s burgeoning appetite for the yield of the past … Seems instantly proportionate to the vacuousness of content in the existing.

I entail, you know we’re up to our nipples in the cultural sewage when a ho-hum, thoroughly forgettable decade like the’ 90 s is inducing nostalgic thrombosis!’ Blood Dragon’ navigates that delicate tightrope with a … Read the rest

CGRundertow MASTERS OF MYSTERY: BLOOD OF BETRAYAL for iPad Video Game Review

When we last-place left Detective Carrie Chase, she was solving a Crime of Fashion. Derek liked that she used a pun in her game’s entitlement and was impressed she had the projectiles to do it. Now, she’s back with more hidden-object gameplay…but less puns. It’s Masters of Riddle: Blood of Betrayal for the iPad. Betrayal, certainly. No puns? Carrie, how could you? Only secreted to the App Store, Blood of Betrayal is a hidden-object escapade game and, … Read the rest


Ola pessoal to aqui pra gravar um simples video pedindo desculpas ja de cara, porque eu nunca fiz isso, entao o que acontece é o seguinte]: tem uma polêmica que acontece em relação a cheaters que no caso são aquelas pessoas que conseguem pontuações que parecem absurdas e realmente elas são porque é humanamente impossível uma pessoa conseguir atingir uma pontuação de 1.119.000. até proximo, com uma pontuação de 1.118.000, acredito que não seja possivel, mas o … Read the rest

Review of Grand Theft Auto: Criminal Russia

Welcome, and this time I will be playing GTA: SA mod Criminal Russia So grab your shashlik and vodka Put on the ushanka and enjoy the appearance Have you ever been playing GTA: SA and guessed.

This game is not slav enough for me Well don’t worry. There is a mod especially for you Criminal Russia is a mod for the original San Andreas game The mod itself is free to download And you need to have … Read the rest

Lets Play NCIS Review : HIDDEN CRIMES!

I obtained some far more requests from you guys to participate in a lot more online games, making sure that is precisely what we’re going to be undertaking nowadays. I really like crime resolving exhibits, just about anything with secret and detectives, and NCIS is one of my favorite reveals, I’m presently watching season fourteen! And, I just located out that NCIS just arrived out which has a new recreation to enjoy. So, I decided to associate … Read the rest

The 5 Best iOS Crime Investigation & Solving Games (iPhone/iPad)

In this prime 5 games episode we’ll be taking a look at just one of my favourite genres, Criminal offense Solving online games. So let us get right into it! Beginning off at number 5, it is Enigma Categorical! A good very simple crime resolving match which will have you ever travelling everywhere in the earth in a bid to unravel the situation on the mysterious lender robber. As you make your way round the globe, you’ll … Read the rest

Game Usability Review: Criminal Case (iOS)

Criminal Case Gaming Review

I was getting random activities from the App Store and testify some usability spotlights and usability miscarries this time.

It’s all about murder whodunits are dallying criminal case veiled object convenes criminal investigation play that’s been in the top 50 chart since its liberate on August in criminal case “you think youre” police officer and investigate murder panoramas.

Accumulate and analyze suggestion and eventually put the issues are behind rails.

Let’s get started.… Read the rest

How to Get More Energy in Criminal Case (No Hack)

A lot of new players don’t know how to get more energy in Criminal Case Game – and it’s absolutely vital for enjoyment and advancement in the game. Without energy, you can’t play the storyline or earn ‘stars’ which ultimately allow you to make progress. Also, achievement hoarders are frequently rewarded with trophies, and without energy, you won’t earn as many.

There are, however, a few simple ways that you can acquire more energy, without having to … Read the rest